Welcome to the home of Kaio Interactive on the web.

Game Development

We are a small independent game development studio, with a number of mobile & desktop projects in our collection. A portfolio which is growing and expanding. Building on our expertise in mobile, desktop, AR & VR as well as console we enjoy making great and fun games that push the bounds of the technology we use. 

Additionally, we provide a valuable resource to partner studios to help fulfill their game development needs.

Additional Services

We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we are building our products on a skills pool of experts. This expertise is now being offered to our clients as a service. From UI & UX design to hard core infrastructure applications there's little that scares us.

The three I's: Immersive, Integrated, and Interactive media installations have rapidly become one of our favourite specialties.

Our work with Intel has been featured at the IDF conferences & GDC in San Francisco on multiple occasions one example is the Magic and Magnums torch edition (click here).

Our interactive Microsoft Phone & Tablet demo software has been on show at Redmond in addition to being installed in number of Verizon stores across the USA.

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