A frantic fun way to play a classic game! This fun Easter Egg themed pairs game brings a new slant to scoring big with your egg collecting skills.

*** Have fun!  Score Big!  Achieve Greatness! ***

Collect as many pairs of eggs as you can in 1 minute to score big.  If you reach the level goal for pairs gained you will get another minute of continued play.  What level can you achieve?  Chain as many pairs of the same pattern as possible to increase each egg's value. You’ll start off scoring small but as you match the eggs you’ll also start to get your multipliers building up quickly with the whacky multiplier chicken. How? Collect 5 pairs in a row and that Chicken will appear and squawk at you so you can 'tap' into that magic multiplier.  Extra Bunny Bonus earned if you can clear the entire screen of eggs!

Challenge your friends & brag about your egg collecting prowess to your friends on Facebook via Game Center achievements.

Did you manage to get a massive multiplier in your first go? GREAT! Keep it going by feeding a sack of grain to the chicken after the game ends and she'll start your next game off with the same multiplier you just achieved. Be careful though because the multipliers will decrease by 1 for every day you don't play the game!  You start out with 5 sacks.  Run out of sacks of grain?  No problem! You can earn 5 more sacks by watching an advert or, if you would like lots more, then you can purchase either 100 or 1000 more via our in-app purchase.