Steampunk Slide

A steampunk themed sliding puzzle game, built to challenge the nimble of mind as well as finger.
21 Puzzles of perplexing pictorial imagery built to provide sheer minutes of entertainment.Nothing more but definately nothing less.


If you want hours of fun building empires to span galaxies look elsewhere.
But if you want a quick fix of sliding puzzle machinations then this is the app for you.
Start off at a leisurely, some would say over simplistic pace, and quickly find yourself overwhelmed as the sheer complexities of shifting tiles from square to square will befuddle and bemuse your senses, your synapses will be dizzy with the dynamism.
Challenge your friends using Game Center and see if you can achieve the ultimate accolade of completing all 21 puzzles before them.

All the way up to a perplexing 8x8 puzzle size, this puzzle is sure to have an adverse effect upon your digits. And if your poor digits feel the burn too much, then simply come back to the puzzle another time, with our patently pedantic predictive pause feature, you'll be able to carry on right from where you left off.
Simply press the menu button at the bottom of the screen and the puzzle will pause automatically.