Leave the Nest is a fast paced infinite Flyer of a game with easy and intuitive to use controls.  However we do understand that sometimes certain things need to be explained so here is where we'll dive into some of the finer nuances of this fun and frantic flapper.

Notes About Diving

We've noticed some players having problems with our current dive mechanic which we implemented.So we've also implemented and alternative to the original dive technique...
Originally your bird would recover altitude a little after having dived.

But we've now added an alternative dive mechanic which will force the bird to dive but not recover any altitude when the button is released more akin to the following illustration...

You can choose which one to use in the settings page in game.

Virtual Reality

This edition of Leave the Nest is an HTC Vive only edition, we do plan on releasing non VR enabled versions of this fun game in the near future, so please remember to wear your HTC Vive and exercise caution when playing.

Motion Sickness

After extensive testing (over 200 candidates) there were no reports of significant motion sickness, however as always please use discernment when first playing and getting used to the game.


Main Menu

The Main Menu allows you to select which bird you want to fly with, as well as view the leaderboard.
On your first play you will only have Virdy available to you, but after flying through just one zone you'll be able to unlock Firdy his faster brother.  A flock of other birds are coming soon through our planned free DLC in the near future.

In addition you can also hover the cursor over the various icons on the always on hud for an explanation of what they mean.

In addition you can also hover the cursor over the various icons on the always on hud for an explanation of what they mean.




There are various settings available to be changed by using the Vive controller and it's cursor on the Main Menu of the game and pulling the trigger button when highlighting the settings button.

Screenshot 2016-05-27 12.41.49.png

Using the settings you can change the following options

  • Switch how you change lanes Left & Right between using the triggers on the controllers or by physically stepping Left or Right (if you have your Vive setup for room scale)
  • Switch between using the touchpad or physically ducking and standing to control the bird's dive.
  • Setting the master volume.
  • Setting the music volume.
  • Enabling the tutorial 


During the tutorial you are kept safe from landing and are guided through the various ways of controlling the bird.  
Also note you are unable to fly above the clouds during the tutorial stage.

Above the Clouds

Fly this high and you are able to double your current multiplier while you glide above the clouds, however you are unable to generate more lift by flapping your controllers while this high so your bird will eventually descend.

Transition Zones

As you progress through the game you will come to Transition Zones, these are special areas where you are able to take a brief rest as your bird's altitude will be locked so you won't need to flap.  Take the time to check out the scenery and take a breather. REMEMBER once your controllers vibrate gently you'll know you'll soon be entering into the new zone and flap control will be returned to you.


When diving make sure you keep the dive activated (by crouching or depressing the touchpad) for at least half a second if you want to automatically come out of the dive, otherwise you will find yourself plummeting into the ground.
The exception to this is when you dive above the clouds, if you release the dive while still above the clouds you will still continue to plummit.

Lane Changing

When changing lanes using the vive triggers, ensure that the left controller is to the left of the headset and the right controller is to the right.


Throughout the game there are various ways of accumulating multipliers, from collecting coins to completing zones. 
These multipliers are applied to the score you earn.

Window Multipliers
You can earn additional points by flying through windows.


There are 3 denominations of coin, Bronze which is worth 1 additional point, Silver grants you 3 additional points while Gold is worth 5.  Additionally, your multiplier increases with every 10 coins collected.

Power ups

There are various power ups which you will come across during your flights, these are the Slowdown, Shield & Magnet

The Slowdown reduces your bird's current speed, which can be useful when traveling at high speeds.


The Shield will protect you from impacting any obstacles for a short period of time, but it is reduced by a small amount on every impact.


The Magnet will automatically draw coins towards you for a short period of time, without you needing to collect them.