There's no denying we love to make games, but we also love to make engaging applications of all kinds.
Whether you need our expertise in design, project management, user experience design, or the whole spectrum of disciplines required to bring a comprehensive and engaging website or a client based application to market, we're sure to be able to meet your requirements.

From concept to launch, we can answer your needs for part or all of the process.  We can help evolve your spark of imagination into a functional requirement, one of the first steps on the road to building your solution.

If you have an interactive rapid prototyping approach, you need a team who communicates and completes that iteration loop quickly, we're the technology partner with whom you can have a good rapport.  It's even better when that level of understanding is coupled tightly with the development skills to bring the product to completion, these are the skills we have at our disposal, and because we're available to you they're at your disposal as well.

There's even more just ask.

We work closely with you over the whole development cycle of your requirements to the level you need to make your vision reality.

The following are just a couple of examples of the success we've been glad to be a part of.

Contact us to see what we can bring to help you succeed.

Microsoft - Verizon Kiosk

We were approached to develop an integrated & interactive pair of applications for execution on both Microsoft Surface tablets and Microsoft Windows phone.

We consulted with the client and over the course of a 2 1/2 month development window we helped to evolve the envisioned plan from concept to final product. Developing applications which communicated across an isolated wifi to use network sockets to transmit a still photo which the customer had taken using the phone based application.  This photo was then inserted inline into the rolling video presentation which ran on both the surface's built in screen as well as a large screen external monitor.  This provided for an effective and smooth presentation demonstrating the phone & surface operating systems and their ease of use.


Intel Real-sense technical demos

We were approached by a partner company to assist with the testing of the Intel Realsense alpha project, this gave us the special opportunity to experience ahead of the broader development community the upcoming Intel depth camera technology which intel subsequently rolled out.  


We worked closely with our partners to explore the various conceptual applications for this technology.  These prototypes included:

  • Developing a bespoke video conferencing application which over laid a gesture controlled painting canvas.
  • Developing two handed gesture recognition systems.
  • Assisting with refinement of depth controlled background separation code within the Intel SDK.
  • An emotion driven adventure dialog tech demo which was exhibited at Intel's IDF show in 2014 called Cloak And Badger this illustrated the technologies ability to make accurate estimates of the players emotion based on their facial expression.
  • Extending the emotion capabilities of Cloak and Badger with a camera driven heart rate monitor to provide additional levels of interaction.

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